TechEnergo - global supplier of ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Eaton and Rockwell

Our company is focused on worldwide wholesale of electrical devices and components for electrical house installations and electric industry. Our aim is to provide quick and effective service in component supplies as well as the supply on the project basis. We have been successful and active in this field for a couple of years. The core product portfolio of our company is low and medium voltage devices made by the leading world producers in this business. Mainly ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Eaton and Rockwell. We are always flexible to supply anything on demand.

Our service provides:

  • Fast and reliable pricing and B2B order system
  • Personal attitude to every client
  • Worldwide availability of our service

How to make an inquiry?

  • The first step you need to do is to register with us
  • Then by browsing our catalogue you place the required items into the standard shopping basket
  • And submit the basket for pricing

We process all the provided information and produce the proper estimate. Our website shows only list prices and doesn’t count the quantity discounts etc. All the pricinwill be worked out on particular demand. You simply add all the items in desired quantities as usual in normal e-shop into the basket. But the last step is not submitting the order but submitting the inquiry which we turn into offer with far more acceptable prices. The pricing will also copy required delivery conditions. The last step is to confirm such an offer when you want to place an order.


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